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About Us

Mastroe performs a key role within the community.  We run a range of Social Enterprise projects and Training programmes that we combine to create practical opportunities for upskilling, work skills, work experience, mentoring and support  with the aim of bridging gaps that our beneficiaries have to employment, training or social inclusion.

We offer programmes and support for Adults, Students, Young people or other groups where work based training and development can be used to motivate, empower, help to secure employment, improve performance or offer an advantage.

Serving The Community

At Mastroe, All our Training programmes and social enterprise activities are primarily to benefit the local community. We are always looking at new ways to engage and work with different groups – Adults, Youths, charities, companies and other organisations. Many of our clients find out about us through word of mouth. Others are referred to us by a range of organisations in the voluntary, private and public sectors that include Schools, Training centres, Jobcentres, hostels, housing associations and community groups.

Once trained, clients usually require work experience in order to secure meaningful employment. Mastroe therefore serves as a bridge between our beneficiaries and the workplace. We also provide general fun community activities and learning via our community open days and classes.


Mastroe beneficiaries often experience significant personal or occupational barriers to employment, training or social inclusion. These barriers often include unemployment, long-term unemployment, lack of skills or qualifications, low self-esteem or confidence, mild mental health problems or no history of work experience. Some of our beneficiaries come from more complex backgrounds and are usually referred to us at the end of their treatment when they feel ready to get back into work or normal life.

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How We Help

The majority of training programmes available today focus primarily on Theoretical learning in a classroom environment. Learned concepts might prove difficult to understand especially for disadvantaged learners.

Mastroe is unique as we offer practical learning in a work (social enterprise) environment and in our experience, beneficiaries especially disadvantaged individuals have a better understanding when the training is delivered within practical learning scenarios. Our beneficiaries experience learning as well as practical and social development as they engage with colleagues, clients as well as Industry standard equipment, processes, systems and software within our social enterprise projects.

Our programmes usually include mentoring and support as well as monitoring of personal development  and work readiness.

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Training Programmes

Mastroe Programmes are the primary tools that we use at Mastroe to empower, develop, upskill and bridge gaps that our beneficiaries have to the work and other opportunities. We run a mix of paid as well as free training programmes for adults as well as young people – and make our programmes accessible to different community groups. Our Free programmes are funded internally via our social enterprise activities or externally through our Grant Funders and Donors.

Most of our Training programmes combine with activities within our social enterprise work environment to deliver practical – hands on skills, work experience including access to industry standard equipment and software. In our experience, this combination improves trainee engagement, understanding of the subject and fosters direct application of learning.

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Social Enterprise

Our range of social enterprise projects provide safe learning environments for our clients while operating as commercial initiatives. Mastroe social enterprises and Work Experience programmes are delivered within three main areas – Enterprise, Creative and Vocational. Through these enterprise projects we offer a range of products and services and seek to serve the local community. All our projects contribute to the core Mastroe vision and are underpinned by values of honesty, quality, value for money and care for the environment.

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“Compared to where I was before, this represents a giant leap forward for me. This has empowered me to a great degree”  – AG

“This is by far the best thing that I have ever done!  I have learned so much within such a short space of time.”  – NS

“With 12 years of trying – I can’t believe how quickly I got a Job after Mastroe – in the area that I have always wanted to work.”  – LC
LC was on the “creative work experience programme” at Mastroe and is now working as a graphic designer at a family owned sign printing company in Bedford.

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Phone: +44 (0)1234 910230
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