Mastroe FAQ’s


Q 1

What is Mastroe?

Mastroe is a Charitable organisation that works to deliver Practical Work Skills, Work Experience, Employment and other opportunities to the marginalised, less privileged and long term unemployed.

Q 2

How does Mastroe Help?

Mastroe provides practical work related training to beneficiaries to provide them with the employability skills needed for the workplace. The beneficiaries will then have the opportunity to apply their skills within Mastroe Social Enterprise and Service Projects.

Mastroe Programs offer one or more of the following elements;

– Personal Skills Development
– Social Skills Development
– Cross Industry Processes – Social Enterprise – sales, purchasing, manufacturing etc
– Functional Skills -I.T, Industry software and Equipment, CV, Job Search, Interview skills, work related Social Media links
– Work ExperienceSocial enterprise and Service projects and tasks.

Q 3

What does Mastroe offer?

Mastroe offers beneficiaries the chance to undertake practical work based training, free of charge and then gain valuable experience practically applying their skills under supervision through our social enterprise under.

Q 4

What is the difference between Mastroe Work Based Training Programs and Apprenticeships?

Apprenticeships are usually for Work Ready Individuals who choose a practical route to work. Mastroe beneficiaries are NOT WORK READY. Our work based training programs are to bridge gaps, develop and provide skills required for the workplace and ultimately get our beneficiaries ready for work or further training that can include Apprenticeships (Read More).

Q 5

Will the training affect my JobSeeker’s Allowance?

The training undertaken at Mastroe will not affect your JobSeeker’s Allowance.

Q 6

Do you only take people of a certain religion?

Mastroe is open to all people regardless of religion or ethnicity.

Q 7

Where does your funding come from?

Mastroe’s funding come from 3 main sources

1) Grants and funds from Grant Providers that support our project to help the marginalised and disadvantaged

2) Donations and Support from the public

3) Income from Mastroe Social Enterprise activities.

As can be observed from Mastroe activities, excess funds at Mastroe is used to help and create new opportunities for the  marginalised and disadvantaged.

Q 8

Can I get a Job at Mastroe?

Opportunities for training, development and support for our beneficiaries as well as administrative and general management roles sometime become available at Mastroe. Most of the key Jobs and roles that become available are however reserved for our beneficiaries. We do have Volunteer roles at Mastroe and like our beneficiaries, we also take pride in the development of our volunteers who usually have opportunities to advance into direct employment at Mastroe.

Two of our administrative volunteers will be starting their Business Administration Training in a few weeks.

To apply for a volunteering position at Mastroe, please click here.


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