Mastroe Philosophy


Mastroe Philosophy

The Mastroe Philosophy is based on combining and using the advantages of Enterprise and Training for the benefit of people especially those in need. The Key Principles include

Love and Compassion

The Mastroe philosophy is based on the Christian Belief System of Love and Compassion. The need as individuals and communities to remember, care for and find innovative ways to help others especially those facing Hardship and Distress.

“Love one another – use words if necessary!”

Not For Profit

As a Charity, Mastroe is able to focus its resources primarily community projects and the development and empowerment of beneficiaries. The majority of our training programmes are offered Free or at subsidised rates using internal income from our Social Enterprise Activities or external Grant Funding and Donations

Community Involvement

We believe that the effort to create new opportunities especially for those that are marginalized and disadvantaged should be shared by the community. To this end the Mastroe charity looks to directly engage, involve and work with different groups, charities, organizations, companies and individuals.

Social Enterprise

The Social Enterprise is the unique element at Mastroe. Apart from creating Employment primarily for beneficiaries, the Social Enterprise is used for work based Training, Upskilling and Development of beneficiaries where we can teach but also measure understanding and improvements in Personal and Social Skills required for work. 

By engaging with different projects within the social enterprise, beneficiaries get to show that they have both understood and internalized these concepts and that they are ready for the workplace.

Based on perceived weaknesses and individual goals, beneficiaries get to work with an assigned officer to create their personal development plan. Beneficiaries are then involved in different activities that include training and social enterprise projects that focus primarily on their development.

“The tools are all here at mastroe, as I use them on different  projects, I get to understand them and become more confident in using them.” Justin

Training – Work Based Learning

Mastroe functions as a learning organization for our beneficiaries. Learning at Mastroe is very practical and works differently from learning in a school or college. We focus highly on practical learning and development within our social enterprise as opposed to theoretical learning within a classroom.

“On day at Mastroe, Magda who was creatively minded had never used a creative software before. Within 5 weeks she was already handling client design queries using Adobe Illustrator, sending client e-mails and processing various design and manufacturing tasks. If she followed a standard learning pathway, this will take around 3 years and cost thousands to learn, she will also try to get work experience after her learning in order to eventually get into work.

By Engaging in practical learning, tasks and activities at Mastroe, Magda was able to save time and money as well as gain the valuable work experience required to secure employment.”

Simplified Learning Concept

The simplified learning concept was created by the Mastroe founder when he realized that although access to technology and information has improved dramatically over the years, Education and Education Pathways still remain virtually the same. At Mastroe, our classroom sessions are relatively short because we primarily teach central concepts in a simplified way. Our Beneficiaries are encouraged to improve on their knowledge via research and other technological tools.

Development and improvements are achieved as these learned concepts are used within practical tasks and activities within the Mastroe social enterprise.


“It’s unbelievable what I learned in just one week at Mastroe”  Tochi


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