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After completing the FREE Photography training programme at Mastroe over the summer. I have taken the leap and started my Photography business. I would like to thank the team at Mastroe for helping to make this possible. I still can’t believe the programme was FREE but it motivated me to come along and now I feel empowered enough and feel that I can achieve great things with photography.


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I would like to thank Mast and the team at Mastroe. I have been wanting to get into Photography for around 2 years but just could not afford the training. On completing the programme at Mastroe. I have now shot a few events and did my first wedding last week. I am growing in confidence every day and still get to go back to Mastroe to borrow equipment, edit my photos, ask questions – ALL FOR FREE. Thanks again to Mastroe and the Funders that have made all of this possible.


I did a Master’s degree in languages but always felt like I was creative. Therefore, I decided to undertake a training in graphic design. I undertook a work-based programme at Mastroe, where I learned the fundamentals of using commercial software, such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. I got so involved and interested in this that I spend my entire evenings and weekends, further mastering my skills. I believe that the experience with the industry standard software and, at the same time, direct interaction with clients was a very useful experience. I was also able to use the skills I have developed to train and support new trainees. Now, as a freelance graphic designer, I am allowing my creativity to change the world.



Pic1 – Day One: LC first attended Mastroe for one of our community engage days. She was quite unhappy as She had been unemployed for 12 years and wanted a job and career she would enjoy.

Graphic Design: She went on to attend the Ascend programme to learn valuable work skills. LC followed this by attending our Creative – Print work experience programme.

Printing training: While on the programme at Mastroe, LC trained to use industrial standard software and print equipment.

Photography training: LC trained in photography during her time at Mastroe.

Corporate Visit: This LC attended a corporate visit to a signage company. This helped build her confidence and motivation in her chosen career path.

Graduation: Upon graduation she was able to apply for employment.
Employment: LC commenced employment at a family run sign business in Kempston as their graphic designer. Here you can see LC looking so much happier and full of confidence as she celebrated her 30th Birthday at work. Congratulations LC from all the team at Mastroe, and wishing you the best for the future.


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Pic1 – Day One: When NK first attended Mastroe for an engage day he was unemployed and struggling to find work even in a voluntary position. Here you can see him sitting in the back row as part of a group of beneficiaries receiving training at Mastroe.

Graduation: After completing the Ascend programme at Mastroe and graduating alongside others.

Employment: After completion and graduation from this programme NK was far more successful in his job search and is now employed as a Sales Assistant at Sainsbury’s. Congratulations NK from all the team at Mastroe, and wishing you the best for the future.



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    “Due to looking after my family, as well as some personal situations, I became unemployed in 2010. Following this, I have struggled to find work due to the combining factors of a gap in my CV and of my age. In 2014 I sent my CV to […]...
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  • Pauline – 15 Years out of Work Due to Illness – Now on Mastroe Work Based Development Programme
    I went to the Citizens Advice Bureau and was referred to the Job Centre, from the Job Centre I was referred to the CSV, from the CSV I was referred to Mastroe. Sorry I came unannounced but when I got your flyer – I knew I had […]...
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  • Ryan – Young Ex-Offender Now in Employment
    Young Ryan who has been unemployed since serving his time is now in employment. We first met Ryan at All Nations Church in Bedford. Ryan was very hard working but preferred vocational maintenance work to working in the office so He was always engaged with the property […]...
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  • Neil: Advanced Dyslexia – Provided an Opportunity at Mastroe.
    Neil, for us represents an interesting case. At his interview, Neil came with so many certificates. However, He was frustrated that after all that learning He was still unable to get a job. Neil has excellent workplace etiquette, He is always on time, has a can do-team […]...
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  • Ry’s Story
    We first met Ry at the All Nations Church Bedford. He was introduced as a young man that could potentially benefit from Mastroe Work Based Development programmes. After a 10 minute discussion with Ry – we were convinced that He was actually ready to turn a new […]...
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  • Jack’s Story
    Jack – a previously disengaging student from one of the schools in Bedford completed his individual development programme at Mastroe and graduated at our Engage day event on the 28th of February 2014. Jack gave a short speech about his experience and was presented a gift – […]...
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  • Graeme’s Story
    Graeme is a mental Health service user in Bedford. Initially Graeme did not feel confident enough to have his picture taken. Paolo, our in-house photography expert and mentor started by taking a picture of his feet. Graeme received a lot of praise as He successfully made his […]...
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  • David: Post Employment Interview
    How has the mastroe training helped you in general? The mastroe training really helped me to refocus and concentrate better. Lets just say I used to be 42 inches around the waist and now I am 38inches. I am really motivated. I know what I want and […]...
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  • Timmaine and Art
    I really love art – but one of my main restrictions is graphics and animation. Many of the Jobs that I apply for require skills and work experience in mainly graphics but sometimes animation. I have tried getting on some graphics courses but they are usually very […]...
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  • Mark’s Story
    Mark got in touch with Mastroe after finding out about our charity through our website. Mark suffered a severe back injury and has been unable to work since 1993. After years of Therapy, his back is now almost healed and In February He got turned down for […]...
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  • Christian’s Story
    We recently met Christian at one of our open day event. He was with his sister and his best friend when told him a bit about us, what we do and how we help. He paused for some time, and I could see tears forming in his […]...
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  • Helen’s Story
    Mastroe first engaged with Helen 7 months ago. We invited her in to do some work at our social enterprise. We were quite surprised as to how happy she was to be working even if it was just for a short space of time. Eventually, Mast (the […]...
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  • David, a Mastroe Beneficiary
    David is a Mastroe beneficiary whose barriers to employment were long term alcohol dependency and Age. He made the conscious effort to seek help and eventually was able to free himself from the alcohol addiction. After almost 3 years of searching for work and not being able […]...
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