How Your Donation Is Used


How Your Donation Is Used

We would like to thank our Funders, Donors and Supporters. Your contribution helps us to run the charity and continue to deliver Community Engagement, Youth Development as well as upskilling, work experience, mentoring and support to people experiencing personal or occupational barriers to employment, training or social inclusion.


Mastroe beneficiaries often experience significant personal or occupational barriers. These barriers often include unemployment, long-term unemployment, youth underachievement, lack of skills or qualifications, low self-esteem or confidence, mild mental health problems or no history of work experience. Many try to get a job but give up after many failed attempts.

Your contributions enable us to help our beneficiaries overcome such barriers, developing, upskilling and creating a new sense of hope and direction.

LC is a mastroe trained beneficiary who was unemployed for 12 years and with your help is now working as a graphic designer in Kempston. Your donations help us to create new opportunities where they are needed the most.

key areas:


We deliver a number of Free and Paid programmes throughout the year at Mastroe. Grant Funding, Donations and funds raised internally through our Social Enterprise activities help us to mitigate the training costs and ensure that our Free training, beneficiary support & development activities are delivered to high standards.

Other Activities

There are number of other costs associated with delivering Training, work experience and social enterprise activities. General items such as building updates, general equipment etc are usually funded with grant funding or internally generated social enterprise funds obtained specifically for those items.

Other beneficiary development and training related costs such as Training & support staff, volunteers costs, Refreshments, Training documentation, Community events, Training Equipment and software are primarily covered by your donations and support.


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