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Mastroe Develop – Youth Programme

Mastroe Develop – Youth Programme focuses on using Enterprise models, Training and Mentoring to motivate, upskill, develop and empower young people. The programme is flexible and different elements of the programme can be tailored to the needs of each individual using our Individual Development Plans.


The Develop program will provide work place experience and individual projects in 1 of 3 areas Art & PhotographyGraphics & Manufacturing, Vocational & Maintenance.
Students are also helped to develop Personal Skills, Functional Skills and Social Skills as required. There are sections within the programme that focus on Mentoring, Motivation and confidence building.

Is It For You?

The Develop Programme is aimed at young people especially those that require work based development, work experience, confidence building, after school support or general motivation.

You are a student or a school / parent wanting to motivate or provide your young students with a competitive edge at school or later in life when seeking a job.


Work Based Experience
Art & Photography, Design & Manufacturing, Vocational-Maintenance (depending on availability)

Functional Skills for Training & School
Excel, Word, E-mail, Touch Typing, English, Maths and other key subjects as required

Work Skills
Team work, Time & Money Management, Professional Communication.

General Support & Employability
Vision, Motivation, Mentoring, Confidence Building,CV, Interview Skills.

Completing The Programme

Learners that successfully complete the programme are presented with a Standard Certificate. This certificate demonstrates to the potential employer and school that the learner has participated and completed the different work based activities in their individual development plan.

Trainees that continue to engage with Mastroe and display further improvements in work related skills within practical projects and work skills will progress to an Intermediary certificate and ultimately the Mastroe Advanced certificate when the Learner reaches a high work standard and are able to display proficiency in their area by helping and supporting other trainees.

How Do I Get Involved

Getting on Mastroe Develop is easy and starts with clicking the button below and filling out the Request form.

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