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Mastroe’s Engage Day programme serves to improve community Cohesion by actively involving Local Authority, schools, individuals, community groups, service providers and their clients in practical work skills and fun activities at Mastroe for a day.

Planned Dates – ENGAGE – Mastroe Open Day
16/Aug/2017 (1 day 10.30am – 3pm)


During the Mastroe Engage day, Potential beneficiaries, Students, groups and individuals will be engaging with different part of Mastroe that include Design, Manufacturing, Art and Photography.

The Engage day usually starts with information about the day. Trainees are then divided into groups and depending on activities available on the day, get to interact with one or more of the areas at Mastroe that include Photography,  Creative Graphics, Printing, Manufacturing, Craft and others.

General Information

Trainees on an Engage day get to make different cool, personalised items like T-Shirts, Mugs, pictures frames or other items available on the day.

The Engage day is provided for free and open to the public. Items made on the day can be taken away by Trainees.

Note: Clients are advised to research and download graphics that they will like to print on the day.


#Date & Time

Date: TBA

Programme taking place in the Bedford Town Centre
25 Greyfriars
MK40 1HJ



Registration Page 

To Register Please click on the link to the right.


A breakdown of the day’s activities are provided below:

Design & Print

Work areas & Process Overview
Split into teams
Create Your Graphic Design
Print design on a T-Shirt or Mug

Art & Photography

Portrait & Group Photography
Handling a Camera
Printing Photos & Artwork


Have FUN!!!

How Do I Get Involved?

Getting on Mastroe Engage is easy and starts with clicking on the Register here button and completing our Registration form.

Please complete required details and if you are an organisation or charity, please include the number of individuals as well as your organization details.

Once your request is received at Mastroe, based on availability, a place will be reserved for you.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail with important details for the Engage day.

Please note:  Spaces are limited so “Reserve yours today!!”

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