How We Help


How We Help

Mastroe charity uses the Social Enterprise model in a unique way to deliver Upskilling, Work skills and Work Experience Programmes. Individuals with work skills and work experience are simply more attractive to employersOur Programmes and  Projects empower, develop, build confidence and bridge the gaps that exist between our beneficiaries and the workplace.

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Mastroe Projects and Programmes are primarily to bridge gaps and break barriers that exist between our beneficiaries and the workplace. We help to solve the catch-22 problem by providing a social enterprise that also delivers practical industry training and work experience. Beneficiaries grow in confidence during their time at Mastroe as they are trained in the use of industry standard equipment, processes and workflows. Mastroe programmes and projects provide the necessary skills and experience for beneficiaries to gain and maintain long term work.

Mastroe Projects & Programmes

Mastroe Charity does a few things to help our beneficiaries to overcome their barriers to Employment, Education and Training these include:

  • Work Skills Programmes  holistic programmes that help and engage clients in all areas of work in the UK. They deliver Functional skills, enterprise workflow and process training, Mentoring, Support and help getting back to work.
  • Work Experience Programmes – Provide up-skilling and practical work Experience while clients engage tasks and activities within a social enterprise environment.
  • Upskilling Programmes: Upskilling programmes provide fixed term training to develop skills in a particular area such as photography, graphic design, Entrepreneurship  etc.
  • Mastroe Classes: Provide fixed or ongoing training to help with key work or life skills. I.T, Maths, Engligh are delivered as Classes
  • Social enterprise projects – Customised printing and photography which provides the practical basis for our work skills and work experience programmes and provide an avenue for fixed term volunteering or paid work opportunities.
  • This is complemented with an on-line shop, where clients have the opportunity of supporting a named beneficiary.
  • Mentoring & Support – Taking time to get along side, listen to, help with basic needs, motivation, confidence and self-belief.
  • Back To Work – Help with CV writing, Jobsearch, Job applications, interview skills training, corporate visits, employer links and internal fixed term work opportunities within the Mastroe social enterprise when opportunities become available.
  • Provide a safe haven, where beneficiaries can feel empowered and able to develop.

Upskilling Beneficiaries

Beneficiary upskilling is a critical part of Mastroe programmes and projects. As an example, Beneficiaries on our Enterprise Work Based Development programmes learn the use of different industry standard equipment, processes and software.  Beneficiaries on our Creative work experience programmes learn and use industry level Adobe graphic software as well as equipment and processes for the graphics and sign industry. Since the learned that include  as well asare primarily to develop, empower and create new opportunities for beneficiaries that include Disengaging students, Health and Mental Health service users, Patients at the end of their treatment and want to re-engage with work.  Individuals who have served their time or others who just have not worked for a long time and need help rebuilding their confidence or gathering some work based evidence to show potential employers that they are indeed ready and can function effectively in the workplace.

A Work Environment

Several Mastroe beneficiaries most of whom are long term unemployed or face other significant barriers to work have been able to secure High Profile Employment since being on  a Mastroe programme. LC who was unemployed for over 10 years has secured a role in a family run print company after being on a Mastroe work experience programme. Mastroe programmes help to build confidence by offering training, work experience, employment and other opportunities within the same familiar work environment. We measure improvements and work readiness while beneficiaries engage in individual or team tasks within the Mastroe social enterprise.

Referrals – Jane

“Hello, we are trying to send another of our clients  to Mastroe as the developments and improvements in Jane – one of the beneficiaries that we sent to you a short while ago have been phenomenal.”
– Michelle – F1 training (Bedford).

“When Jane started at Mastroe, every other word was a swear word and she usually wore trainers and a hoodie. Now she is much more polite and professional in her communication, e-mail, telephone or general. She still needs alot of support with her tasks but she is improving everyday. We are very excited and delighted with her development.”

Testimonials – David

David was unemployed for almost 3 years. David is now in employment after being on a Mastroe programme.

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