How It Works


How It Works

Mastroe offers work based development. We use a unique combination of  Work Based Training programmes and Practical work experience within our social enterprise to develop our beneficiaries and also to fulfill the demands of employers for work experience, personal, social, functional and other work related skills.


Mastroe training programmes focus on upskilling and  monitoring the development of our beneficiaries in key work related areas. Beneficiaries can engage with Mastroe by joining a Free or Paid training programme when they become available at different points in the year either by coming for an engage day or by registering online using the form below.

Individuals can also join Mastroe as volunteers as different volunteer postitions become available. You can apply for volunteering opportunities by sending your CV to us by e-mail at

Training Registration Form

To register for a Mastroe Training Programme or for more information, please click the button on the right to complete our registration form. We will be in touch with you shortly. Thank You.


One of the ways that beneficiaries engage with Mastroe is by applying for one or more of our Free or Paid Training programmes.  Many Beneficiaries / Trainees start by coming to a Mastroe Engage day which is our community open day. The Engage day provides a taster of training and activities at Mastroe.

Beneficiaries who want to recieve training can register by filling out our Training Registration form. During most of our Training programmes we measure the current state of our individual beneficiaries and work with the them to set goals and develop a plan to achieve those goals. Time is also set aside for one-to-one monitoring sessions, mentoring and support as needed.

While engaging with the Mastroe Social Enterprise, observed personal, social, functional and behavioral issues are captured and recorded using the various tools that we use for measuring and monitoring development and improvement.  As required, beneficiaries are engaged in Role Plays, Classroom sessions, Mentoring and other activities that focus on correcting negative attitudes & behavior  as well as preparing beneficiaries for the workplace, further education or training.


Some Trainees engage with Mastroe as volunteers when different volunteer postitions become available. Individuals can apply for volunteering opportunities by sending their CV to us by e-mail at Beneficiaries that are successful at the interview stage can progress to volunteering within our social enterprise. Our volunteers learn practical work skills and gain work experience while engaging in tasks and activities at Mastroe. Volunteers also have monitoring, mentoring and support and can enrol on Mastroe training programmes as they become available.

Key Development Areas

Apart from upskilling in key training areas, we also focus on 6 main areas development during our training programmes at Mastroe. These areas were created based on our research into the needs of prospective employers and gaps displayed by potential beneficiaries.They include

Personal Skills: These include Time, Money, work speed and Task Management

Social Skills: also known as soft skills and include Etiquette, Communication and Teamwork

Functional Skills: These include  I.T. skills, English as well as general skills in CV writing, Portfolio building, Web, Interview skills, effective Job Search and Social Media for work.

Vision & Motivation: This helps us to understand the vision of an individual beneficiary. This creates direction and focus and sometimes helps to streamline beneficiary tasks and activities during training and work experience.

Self Confidence: Most beneficiaries require confidence building in one or more areas. Beneficiaries build confidence as they engage in trianing, tasks and activities at Mastroe.

Work Experience: The Mastroe social enterprise offers a unique ability to provide work experience in-house to our trianees. After a few months of practical work experience at Mastroe, Beneficiaries are usually ready to move on to the next step for work or other opportunties.


Most Mastroe training programmes and volunteering opportunities usually end with a certificate of completion. The certificate usually provides information that shows performance and work readiness displayed during the programme. Key measured items such as Time managment, effective communication, task managment are key in obtaining a Mastroe certificate. The certificate also points to the skill level obtained. Basic, Intermediary or Advanced. Apart from displaying a high skill level in the area of study, the Advanced certificate also indicates that a trainee can work on tasks relatively quickly with very little supervision.

Mastroe Standard Certificate

of the course beneficiaries are provided a standard certificate showing that they have learned and displayed and understanding of the skills needed for the workplace. Beneficiaries can engage with Mastroe for a longer time period to obtain an Intermediary Certificate.

Mastroe Intermediary Certificate

The intermediary certificate shows that a beneficiary has fully internalized and is able to display a good level of soft – etiquette, hard – functional skills. It also shows that the beneficiary has covered all the necessary topics and has an intermediate understanding of the Work Area by working on related projects within the Mastroe Social Enterprise.

Mastroe Advanced Certificate

The advanced certificate shows that a beneficiary can carry out work tasks and activities with little or no supervision showing that learned concepts have been fully internalized and is able to supervise new beneficiaries working on related projects within the Mastroe Social Enterprise. He / She relates well with colleagues and other staff, displayed discipline in the management of time and practical tasks within the Mastroe social enterprise.

Simplified Learning Concept

The learning within the social enterprise is also practical and simplified. We primarily teach central / basic concepts during our traning programmes. The real learning is obtained when the taught concepts are utilitised within various practical work projects and tasks.

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