Market Leaders


Market Leaders

Mastroe Market Leaders is our corporate partnership initiative. It is becoming more apparent that Market Leaders are now not only measured by their profit margin but also by the positive impact that they make on their immediate communities and the world in general.


With the increasing value placed on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by customers, employees and wider stakeholders alike, Mastroe Market Leaders was setup  to promote and praise organisations that partner with the Mastroe Charity to support, help and give something back “in a practical way” through Mastroe to the marginalised and disadvantaged.

Become a Market Leader

If you are wanting to get into partnership with a charity then the Mastroe Charity could be a great option. The work that we do with our beneficiaries is practical,  the outcomes, development and transformation are very visible.

As a Mastroe Market Leader, We can work together to transform the lives of the marginalised and underprivileged by pledging or helping to raise fund for the Mastroe charity over a period of time,  donating equipment, funds, resources or helping to meet various needs within the Mastroe Charity.

How we promote our Market Leaders

Mastroe provides information about our  market leaders on our website  what they are doing to help and how their partnership, support and work with the Mastroe charity is directly making a difference.

Please contact us to find out more about the different ways that we promote the work of our Market Leaders.

Current Market Leaders


Many thanks to the All Nations Church Bedford for fundraising for the Mastroe Charity over the Christmas period. All Nations Church Bedford is an awesome, loving and dynamic church with a vision of being a diverse people, growing and going for the glory of God in Bedford and Beyond. So inclusive and dynamic is the ANCB that they have some of their sermons in Spanish. Apart from spreading the gospel, All Nations church Bedford also take time to express Love to several community groups in Bedford and Beyond that include Mastroe Charity, Bedford Food bank, Grove Crisis Pregnancy advise centre and operation Tanzania.
Graffit Ltd Mastroe would like to thank Graffit Ltd for their amazing support over the past year whether it be staff training, donation of materials, help with prints and the use of complex print equipment. They even gave one of our beneficiaries an interview. We look forward to working with Graffit Ltd again in the not too distant future.
Veritek Global Veritek have come out and supported us twice since February 2014, most recently we wrote a news story about their visit. Mastroe would like to thank Veritek for their continued help and support in setting up our printers and for the great tips that their engineer has provided us. We look forward to working with Veritek again should we need their help in future.
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