Mastroe Training Programmes

Mastroe Programmes are the primary tools that we use at Mastroe to empower, develop, upskill and bridge gaps that our beneficiaries have to the work and other opportunities. We run a mix of paid as well as free training programmes -some for young people and others for adults. We work to ensure that our programmes and services are accessible to different community groups. Our Free programmes are funded internally via our social enterprise activities as well as externally by Grant Funders and Donors.

Most of our Training programmes combine with activities within our social enterprise work environment to deliver practical – hands on skills, work experience including access to industry standard equipment and software. In our experience, this combination improves trainee engagement, understanding of the subject and fosters direct application of learning.

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At Mastroe, All our Training programmes and social enterprise activities are primarily to benefit the local community. We are always looking at new ways to engage and work with different groups that include Adults, Youths, charities, companies and other organisations. We particularly love motivating young people and helping individuals that have specific barriers to work. We run Free Community Engage – Open days all through the year – these contain a lot of fun activities and are open to people of all ages.


Engage Days

Mastroe Engage Days are our Community Open Days.  The Engage day allows different individuals, groups, schools,  service providers and their clients to engage in practical fun activities at Mastroe for the day. Attendees get to make and go home with a printed shirt, mug or other items

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Planned Dates – ENGAGE – Mastroe Open Day
16/Aug/2017 (1 day 10.30am – 3pm)


Upskilling programmes at Mastroe deliver fixed term training in key subject areas. The  programmes focus particularly on skills that are in demand or skills that foster entrepreneurship, freelancing or self employment. Our upskilling programmes are great for individuals that struggle to gain employment or those that just want to increase their knowledge of the subject area.



The Mastroe Photography Programme provides participants with an overview of Photography and Basic Photo Editing Techniques. You will learn how to fully control a professional camera, edit and process images.Read more

Planned Dates – Photography Training
1)24/May/2017 – 05/July/2017 (7 Weeks / 1 day per week – Wed) – FREE
2) 20/Sept/2017 – 10/Oct/2017 – (4 wks 2 days / Week – Wed  & Thurs) – FREE
3) 20/Sept/2017 – 01/Nov/2017 – (7 Wks 2 days / wk Wed & Thur evenings 6.30 – 8.30pm). – PAID



Our Entrepreneurship programme  provides participants with the key tools that they will need to succeed as entrepreneurs. The programme teaches basic Finance principles and key elements of the business plan. Read more

Planned Dates – Entrepreneurship Programme 
26th to 27th October 2017 – 2 day training

Work Based Training

Work Based Training at Mastroe are delivered primarily within our social enterprise with the primary aim of building confidence and professionalism by directly engaging beneficiaries in tasks and processes in a work environment. Our work skills programmes focus on  personal and social skills needed for work and include a general overview key enterprise tasks, processes and activities. Our Work Experience programmes involve a direct application of work skills in customer facing roles within a work environment.


Work Skills

Mastroe work skills programmes are relatively short practical programmes that focus on delivering Key personal, social and functional Skills for work but also offer a practical overview on Key tasks, processes and workflows for the workplace.Read more

Planned Dates – ASPIRE – Work Skills Programme
26/July/2017 – 04/Aug/2017 (4 wks 2 days / Week – Wed & Thur)
30/Aug/2017 -16/Oct/2017 (4 wks 2 days / Week – Wed & Thurs)

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Work Experience Programmes

Mastroe work experience programmes focus on beneficiary development, confidence building and work preparation as they practically apply Work Skills in individual and team tasks within a social enterprise work environmentRead more

Planned Dates – Work Experience Programme
Ongoing throughout 2017

Mastroe Classes

Mastroe Programmes are the primary tools that the Mastroe charity use to empower, develop, prepare and bridge gaps that local disadvantaged groups and individuals have to the workplace.

Our work based training programmes use the social enterprise work environment to deliver practical training, work skillswork experience and other opportunities to our beneficiaries.

English Classes

Mastroe English classes are primarily to help individuals who have English as a barrier to employment, training or personal development. The Mastroe English classes primarily deliver individual but also group lessons depending on the needs of each trainee. The classes also support individuals with  learning difficulties and people learning English as a second language.

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Planned Dates – English Classes
05/July/2017 (every Monday from 10am)


Art & Craft Classes

A creative centre will be incomplete without Art & Craft. We run various arts & crafts classes at different points in the year. The classes focus on a number of areas from card making to Mug Printing, drawing, Canvas making and more…

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Planned Dates – Art & Craft  Classes
Coming Soon… 


Beneficiary Testimony

 AA said – “Compared to where I was before, this represents a giant leap forward .”

“I particularly enjoyed the creative aspects of the course. I got to create a design within a team then see it come to life in manufacturing.”

This programme has empowered me to a great degree. I really cannot believe that we can get this type and Level of Training for Free. I would like to say Thank you to Mastroe for creating and giving us access to a programme like this.”

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