Vocational Work Experience Programme


Vocational Work Experience Programme

Our Vocation work experience programmes are primarily for beneficiaries who prefer hands-on trade related roles to working in an office environment. The programme provides work experience and skills for work in Construction, woodwork, Property Maintenance or work in any of the major building wholesale, trade or retail outlets.


The Vocational programme delivers training in one or more of the following – Woodwork, Carpentry, Brickwork, Painting and Decorating, Plumbing, Electrics, Landscape Gardening. Most of the practical training and work experience within the vocational programmes are Hands on. Beneficiaries learn while working on different internal, charitable or external projects.

Training and Support Areas

  • General Training –  Health and Safety at Work,
  • Training on major Tools, equipment and Techniques for woodwork, construction,Trade and property maintenance.
  • Training and Practical – Hands on – work experience in the Practical Hands on Training in one or more of the following vocational areas – Woodwork, Carpentry, Brickwork, Painting and Decorating, Plumbing, Electrics, Landscape Gardening.
  • Basic Training and work experience in industry standard workflows and processes
  • Mentoring and support for work.
  • Training in work skills, deportment, communication skills, Time Management and presentation and professionalism at work
  • Experience of individual tasks as well as team projects.
  • Create a portfolio containing images, screenshots, videos, information and other media that evidence the practical work that they have carried out while on the programme – this will also be used in Job applications and will help to differentiate our trainees from other job seekers.
  • Where required, Trainees will get help for further training or education.
  • Help and support in getting back to work this will include CV updates, profile updates via LinkedIn; Interview skills training; Jobsearch and Corporate visits to boost confidence.


  • Increased levels of self-esteem, self-confidence
  • Practical Work Experience and Work skills that can be used in Job applications
  • Practical Hands on Training in one or more of the following vocational areas – Woodwork, construction and property Maintenance.
  • Practical Training and Work Experience with Industry Standard Tools and Techniques Woodwork,  construction and property Maintenance.
  • Increased personal and work skills that will be measured using task results and questionnaires.
  • Increased knowledge of how to work individually and in a team as well as improved behaviour and confidence in a work environment.
  • Corporate visits to boost confidence
  • Help in securing Long term employment opportunities on completion of the project either within the Mastroe Social Enterprise or with other organisations.

Completing The Programme

Mastroe Vocational work experience programmes really empower our learners. Learners that successfully complete the programme are presented with a Programme certificate which  highlights project areas, activities and skills gained while on the programme. This usually proves helpful and can be used in CV and profile updates or in applying for Jobs.

How Do I Get Involved

Getting on Property Skills program is easy and starts with filling out the Form below.

Registration Form


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