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Support Us

Mastroe has setup and so far helped hundreds of individualto create new opportunities for the marginalized and disadvantaged. We know we don’t have a huge track record, well – because we have only just begun. However, if you are able to support our work by making a donation – that will really help us to reach out to even more beneficiaries this year.

Giving To Mastroe

Apart from our other programs, mastroe plans to run a minimum of 12 Engage days in 2014 each involving between 10 and 15 beneficiaries or groups in enterprise and manufacturing for a day.

There are several ways that you can give to Mastroe Charity. You can make a single donation. Regular donations are really great because they help us to plan future projects. You can also give by leaving a legacy by making a gift or donation to support us through your will.

We appreciate that – even as little as £5 will be very helpful – not everyone will be in a position to donate at this time. There are many other, vital ways that you can support Mastroe.

Spread The Word

You can also help us by spreading the word across a range of social media. Whether you like us on Facebook, tweet about us on Twitter, recommend us on LinkedIn or subscribe to us on Youtube all of these are linked on the homepage and will help you to tell your world about Mastroe.


Mastroe has a range volunteering opportunities from Design and Manufacturing to Sales and Marketing details about which can be found on the Volunteer page. The Mastroe Charity focus highly on beneficiary development and are always looking to create new and exciting opportunities for learning and development within our social enterprise. Find out more about how you can become a Mastroe Volunteer.

Star Employers

The Mastroe Star Employers Program is to recognize organizations that as a part of their corporate social responsibility and their overall recruitment policy work with the Mastroe Charity to support and provide employment opportunities to our beneficiaries.  With the increasing value placed on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by customers, employees and wider stakeholders alike, employers can make a practical impact by creating opportunities for the most marginalised and disadvantaged within our community.

If you are able to create employment for beneficiaries that have been transformed by our Work Based Development programs or want to help by donating equipment, expertise or resources, please contact us to find out the associated benefits and how you can get on our Star Employer Program.

Market Leaders

Mastroe Market leaders is our corporate partnership initiative. It is becoming more apparent that Market Leaders are now not only measured by their profit margin but also by the positive impact that they make on their immediate communities and the world in general.

If you are able to partner with the Mastroe Charity so that we can work together to transform the lives of the marginalised and underprivileged, please contact us to find out the associated benefits and how you can become a Mastroe Market Leader.

Experts & Mentors

Many of our beneficiaries lack mentors, individuals who have been through the ups and downs of life and come out on top. We are always on the look out for leading figures, Experts, celebrities and other people that can come in to meet and offer a word of advice, motivation and encouragement to our beneficiaries.  We also love experts, especially those in business, graphics, design, photography, videography and many more that can give some time to help and inspire our beneficiaries.


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Mastroe is a Registered Charity No: 1135677 Registered as a company Limited by guarantee in England & Wales No: 07005589.

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